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Manfred Bleuler on Schizophrenia and Offspring

This article is by the son of the dude who "discovered" Schizophrenia.  The father was the son's doctoral advisor.  It was published at the end of his life, so forms an accumulated understanding of 2 generations. This article is sympathetic and I found it valuable, so share it.


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Re: Manfred Bleuler on Schizophrenia and Offspring

Hey there @Appleblossom, thanks so much for sharing this.


I have just moved this to Useful Resources so that it gets a little more foot traffic from the community. Also just a heads up I tried to check out the link and it doesn't seem to work Smiley Sad

Could you try reposting Smiley Happy ?

Re: Manfred Bleuler on Schizophrenia and Offspring

Am trying ... Try this link

Re: Manfred Bleuler on Schizophrenia and Offspring

Also this one.

Ah hah

Apple is satisfied her research and the circle is slowly closing.

So Poo to you ALL the inadequately educated people and counsellors who looked down their snooty snouts at me when I shared with them that my immediate family had been DX Schizophrenic.  People who looked at me as if my genetic stock was deeply flawed and I felt disgusting  and a lower form of life.

To the fella who jeeringly asked me what had got my nose out of joint.

To those who confused their privileged lives with their own virtue.

The Bleulers, the leaders in the field of Sz had schizophrenia within their own family.  No wonder Manfred was decent in his article, Eugene's sister, his aunt suffered.

Thx to my maths teacher who taught to go to original sources where possible.

Smiley Happy


Re: Manfred Bleuler on Schizophrenia and Offspring

It was a good article Apple 😊. I can see your connection to it. We need the Apple's of this world too. 💜🤗😘


side brain is not functioning very well lately. I read Apple and didn’t connect it to you but the company 🙄. You can imagine my confusion. I re read it after I read the article and it clicked. 


PS I had an appointment with my psych today and I think I’ve found one that would be more along the articles lines of humanity and psychiatry. 

Re: Manfred Bleuler on Schizophrenia and Offspring

Hi @Appleblossom

Hope this article is also vindicating.


And this one, too is really interesting <3;...


Of course, you know about my particular leanings in this narrative, so I love this outlook the best <3

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