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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

mood stabilisers

Mood stabilisers - what do we think of them? yea or nay? why, why not? 


Re: mood stabilisers

@Jenn4  Hey Jenn4 'mood stabilizers' I am on them and unfortunately need them otherwise I go out of control (literally). My moods go all over the place, for example  'rage' against authority figures is my big problem (which could get me into all kinds of trouble) .... so I am kind of stuck with them for my own safety. Do I like them NO as they put on weight, which I hate and makes me miserable. greenpea

Re: mood stabilisers

unsurprisingly for me they are a big NO! simple answer is they didnt do anything to help "stabalize" my mood and made me feel like crap physically and mentally and the weight gain is an issue even though some of them "arent supposed to do that". 

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