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Senior Contributor

Treatment Options

It was interesting to listen to the discussion with patients and generally about the medication used to treat mental illness.

You had to pay attention to notice it but the mention of the drugs used to treat MI patients with bipolar affective disorder, schizoaffective affective disorder , mania,  psychosis and schizophrenia are actually quite limited. It mentioned the epileptics of course, and the antipsychotics. I presume its the same for other MIs as well.

I wonder if it might be possible to have a guest speaker talking about developments in relation to advances in medication and treatments generally for people with MI, sometime in the future on Topic Tuesday.




Re: Treatment Options

I learned very early on how limited the options are, they basically trialled me on all of them over the course of a year and just tried different combos, currently i am on a combo they didn't try back then..... not too sure why but it seems pretty good Smiley Happy

Re: Treatment Options

Thanks @kenny66 Keep the suggestions coming.

We have a list of Topic Tuesday suggestions from the community and we're working through them to see which special guests we can get to suit topics/suggestions.



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