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New Contributor

Cptsd ,

Hi I'm need ing help get myself free from hypnotic triggers placed by others. Not by  medical professional s. They're sexual in nature and I'm scared. 

Senior Contributor

Re: Cptsd ,

Good morning @Okaytee.  I'd like to welcome you to this caring community.

I am very sorry to hear how much you are suffering from your CPTSD.  I have also been officially diagnosed with PTSD, and later determined to be CPTSD given ongoing trauma.  I know how hard it is to relive our trauma's often on a daily basis.  Triggers seem to be everywhere, especially so during times of additional stress such as anniversaries or other reminders.  It can really bring us down.  My initial trauma is also sexual in nature, so I can understand what you may be going through.  It is scarey when we are constantly confronted by the past, and indeed sometimes the here and now, depending on your current circumstances.  


Can I ask you whether you are receiving help from any mental health professionals or your GP at present?  Perhaps you are undergoing some form of trauma therapy?  I know from personal experience that it can be extremely triggering and distressing.  But well worth it in the end, as most therapies are designed to desensitise us from the worst of our trauma memories and feelings.  So if you havent already done so, I would highly recommend you see your GP and ask for a referral to see a psychiatrist, clinical psychologist or counsellor.  They can assist you in dealing with your day to day triggers and teach you how best to manage your symptoms.


Please know that the forums here are safe and anonymous, a place you can talk openly about your struggles with mental health.  We are all like you, each dealing with our own MH problems.  Being here does not take the place of professional mental health care, but talking on the forums can definitely supplement your off-line treatment and care.


I am sorry you are scared.  Flashbacks and triggers seem so very real dont they?  Have you tried mindfulness, relaxed breathing, grounding techniques?  I find they help me.  If you dont know what these techniqus are, please ask. Do you have anyone there with you that you can call upon to help you through these episodes as they occur.  I note is was early morning when you posted.  Otherwise perhaps you have a friend or relative you can call?  There are also a number of help lines if you need them.  You can look them up on this website where they provide numbers to call. Please  do not hesitate to call them.  That is what they are there for.


I would love to hear back from you Okaytee, and would welcome the chance to talk with you further.  I will also tag someone else here who has been fantastic to me in the past, and I know she will be equally good to you.  She is knowledgeable, caring, supportive and knows all about this stuff as well. If she is feeling up to it and has a spare moment, I am sure you will hear from her in due course @Zoe7  


Sherry Heart


Senior Contributor

Re: Cptsd ,

@Okaytee Just like you and @Sherry I have to deal with CPTSD with triggers and flashbacks that are similar in nature to yours. After  lot of work with a very supportive team around me (GP, psychiatrist, psychologist - and the many wonderful people on this forum) I now have these more under control. Do you have a team around you? Are you seeing any of these health professionals that are heling?

Right now it feels like you will never feel free of these triggers and they are all consuming. I also felt that for so many years. 

Can you elaborate more on what is making you scared @Okaytee?

Re: Cptsd ,

Welcome to the forums @Okaytee.  I also have cPTSD.  Not much I can add to @Sherry and @Zoe7's replies to you, but I agree with all they've said.  I cope a lot better now that I've found 'trauma informed' psychiatrist and psychologist.  I'm currently doing EMDR therapy with the psychologist and also on a balance of meds from the psychiatrist. (I also have bipolar 1).   My nights have improved over recent times, I'm not waking in a panic state or having flashback nightmares anywhere near as often.  This feels like quite a big improvement for me.  Still being triggered at times when I am out and about - even when with a support worker.  But managing a little better when it happens.    If you want to talk more about your triggers or how to get help this is a safe place to do so.

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