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New Contributor

Centrelink Payments available to DSP recipient

I recently approved for DSP which has improved my material conditions immensely. I also applied and received Pensioner Education suppliment. I was wondering if there are more payments that I might be eligible for. Are there any one time payments that I might get too?


Re: Centrelink Payments available to DSP recipient

Good morning and welcome @chen64

I'm really happy you've received the DSP. This is really difficult to achieve given the amount of paperwork involved.


Applying and registering for the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) if it's up and running in your state, would be the next step. Not sure where you are though. It's been active in NSW for quite a while now. They case manage disability clients one-on-one and would have the answers you're after.


Otherwise, a visit to your nearest Centrelink office might be better. It depends on your consultant I'm afraid; some are really knowledgeable and some don't have a clue. I think making an appt telling them what you're after might be more productive than just dropping in. The Centrelink website may have what you're looking for too.


Good luck with everything!


Hope Heart

Re: Centrelink Payments available to DSP recipient

@chen64 hi there.


I have been on DSP for a few years now and also receive rent assistance. I'm also on the NDIS what is great as I have a talered community contact budget. They take me out once a week for a few hours and are very understanding of mental illness in my case. I am very pleased that I get DSP and NDIS as I can't manage a full time work.

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