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Introduce yourself here

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Hi there!

Welcome to the Forums! This is the place to introduce yourself and get to know others.

Let us know:

- What brings you to the Forums

- 3 random facts about you

Our friendly community will assist you in finding relevant discussions and information.

Welcome! Smiley Very Happy


Re: Introduce yourself here

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I joined the forums so that I could get to know other people with MI and learn a bit more about how others cope. I've since found camaraderie and friendship as well as loads of information through topic tuesdays.

Random Facts

1. I am a mum

2. I'm almost positive i could live on a chocolate only diet

3. I watch crazy cat videos on youtube for fun!


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Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi there

Thanks for starting this thread @NikNik

Random facts about me

1) I love coffee (maybe not so random if you look at my username)

2) I'm a dog person

3) My favourite colour is blue

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Re: Introduce yourself here

 @darrenhayes why do you make the provocative statement "you dont have any friends" before you ask the question, "whys that" which is only rhetorical?  

Can you see that there might be an implied insult in that post, or why some people might get upset?

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Re: Introduce yourself here

Great post @NikNik
I love living by the bay it gives me peace and calm
Favourite colour is orange
I have a kelpie called jersey
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Re: Introduce yourself here

What brings me to the forum?
The amazing friends I have made
The support care and information given by others and even the moderators
To share my story of childhood abuse depression anxiety and BPD
Non judgemental and the privacy of this forum allows me to be me 😊
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Re: Introduce yourself here

I don't understand what is happening to me, cannot sleep no matter what medication.

Frightened to leave the house almost 10 years.

Best friends are the ones I imagine make me happy.

Tired of life.