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Re: Eating Disorder - Need a shoulder ...

It’s all good @Faith-and-Hope . I’m fading. I may write something tomorrow. The stuff that is causing the biggest emotions I haven’t talked about much. It seems so strange to knowing the kinds of things others are experiencing seem so much worse. I think this thing is driving the most SI. I’m really ok and thanks for responding but am about to iPad face. 💜🤗😘

Re: Eating Disorder - Need a shoulder ...

Thanks @Teej 💜

Hearing you .... feeling for you with “There but for the grace of God go I” thoughts in the mix too .....

Not far off iPad face myself I think.

Re: Eating Disorder - Need a shoulder ...

Sleep well @Faith-and-Hope Heart

Re: Eating Disorder - Need a shoulder ...

download (26).jpg


Re: Eating Disorder - Need a shoulder ...

Morning @Teej 💜🌷


I might have a bit more brain function happening this morning ..... we’ll see .....


Just had a chat with my S2. He is still trying to find which way is up, after our recent trip which he was insistent he wanted to go on, and has found since our return that that wave and it’s effects were bigger and stronger than he had anticipated.  But he is working his way through it, and that’s what I needed reassurance about.  If he was truly stuck, it might have meant reaching out to him with sticks to grab a hold of ...... although he still needs to do the pulling himself out part.


Telling you this, because something that seems pretty straight forward to others can be anything but from the other side of the fence, and that’s okay.  There are reasons behind it when that is happening, and often they are compound reasons.


That what I wanted to flag to you.  It often looks to me, and might sound like, I am complaining about struggles that are small next to other people’s situations, but compounded issues and traumas can be much bigger or weightier than they seem.


What is big or heavy for you, is big or heavy ..... always remember that ..... it’s not actually scaled according to what anyone else is struggling with.  Push guilt feelings away from you.  You don’t need their added weight atop everything else.


So proud of you Hon. You arectgere for me even when you think you’re not.  I know you think of me, and are in support of me, and that says it all.


Same goes for so many others here, (including @Zoe7 🦋👋) and all the others who regularly post or support-button here.  I know I don’t need to tag you all because you’re already here .....

Re: Eating Disorder - Need a shoulder ...

arectgere ??


🤔 ..... are here ?!



Re: Eating Disorder - Need a shoulder ...

It is so hard to measure emotional and mental health things.  The size of the trauma or the level of support .... are unique for each person.  Yes some things are worse than others ... but I know it has often been people a bit further away from me, who were able to give me the support or sense of meaning and understanding that has gradually lead to me feeling that life is worth while.  


Connectedness varies in subtle ways.  SOmetimes we are tough on ourselves and it helps us up our game, but sometimes it does not.  I am glad you have all been the game of life with me ... @Teej @Zoe7 @Faith-and-Hope @Determined @Darcy 

Re: Eating Disorder - Need a shoulder ...

❤️ @Appleblossom .... glad to have had you here too Hon.


Re: Eating Disorder - Need a shoulder ...

It is a pleasure to know you and walk a little of your journey with you @Appleblossom Heart

Re: Eating Disorder - Need a shoulder ...

I had a lot of seriously unwell times in those first years on the forums.

@Faith-and-Hope @Zoe7 


This year has been incomparably better.


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