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Looking after ourselves


Re: The Challenges of Mental Health Wellbeing

Re: The Challenges of Mental Health Wellbeing

@Sans911 💜

Re: The Challenges of Mental Health Wellbeing

That is not a nice feeling @Sans911 but can understand with the move and all you have been doing lately. Sometimes we need to let those feelings sit and just get on with it and other times we need to feel all those feelings to get through them. Finding that right balance can be draining in itself. Feeling for you Hon and here if you need to talk or just need some company. I am spending the afternoon relaxing after DBT and pdoc - still tired so won't push myself to do much before work again tomorrow.

Re: The Challenges of Mental Health Wellbeing

Thanks @Zoe7. I'm feeling a little better today and have crawled out of my shell and home to go shopping. I simply don't cope well with people leaving me. And it mostly happens when I still need them. The two happening together was enough to turn everything that was good about the move upside down. I'm still emotional, and I feel like crying a lot, but spending my life not crying makes it damn hard when I need to.

I just saw your post on ANC and I totally resonate about the self doubt. My whole nursing career was peppered with huge Swiss cheese holes of self doubt.Even if people told me I was doing OK I didn't believe them. There were rare moments of feeling proud of something I did, but I mostly stayed on the negative track, especially if I was told something wasn't right.

I'm getting a sense this year is a year of massive growth and empowerment for you. I think the role you have now is great, and it certainly seems that everyone is rallying around you to be supportive and encouraging.

Re: The Challenges of Mental Health Wellbeing

I have felt much the same for you in regards to this year @Sans911  With all that you have been doing and all that you have been involved in I have felt that you are on the right track to gain some confidence within yourself. You certainly do understand those self-doubts - describing it as swiss cheese is a perfect analogy - we try to hold it all together and from the ouotside it seems like a whole cheese but inside there are many holes that we simply cannot fill with the lack of confidence we have in ourselves.


I do feel much better at this school than I did at the end of last year at the previous one. It was definitely a toxic environment - I knew it then and even more so now. I definitely made the correct decision in leaving. I hope you are right - that this year is a time of growth and empowerment - I also hope for that for you too Hon and feel that it is quite within your grasp if things fall your way. There are so many unknowns in the future and most of us here cannot see too far ahead - it makes the present more difficult to deal with - but you are also doing things to better yourself so remember that you are worthwhile, competent and full of wisdom @Sans911  and anyone or any organisation would benefit from your knowledge and dedication. Heart

Re: The Challenges of Mental Health Wellbeing

Hey @Sans911  A quick check in to see how your week has ended and if you have a little less of those lost feelings you had earlier in the week. Heart

Re: The Challenges of Mental Health Wellbeing

Re: The Challenges of Mental Health Wellbeing

Evening my Lil Sis @outlander

It's been a quiet day in my world. I took Jasper to the vet this morning, and they're happy with him. He's even gained a little weight. He has his vaccine too. It's Mr A's turn for his vaccination next week. I currently go to a tafe vet clinic as it's much cheaper, the students get to learn but they're very thorough as well.

I did some study of my uni course this afternoon, but I need to buy the textbook. It's very expensive buying from the uni bookshop so I've ordered online, and it should hopefully be here by Friday.

I've got my psychologist tommorow. I've not seen her in nearly a month.

How are you doing? How was your day?

Evening also @Snowie - missing you sister

Evening @Zoe7 - you're probably in bed

@Faith-and-Hope @Teej @Hamsolo01 @CheerBear @Shaz51 @Sherry @Appleblossom

Re: The Challenges of Mental Health Wellbeing

💜 @Sans911 🤗

Re: The Challenges of Mental Health Wellbeing

Sounds like a productive day @Sans911 thats really good about Jasper. I havent been to any tafe/uni vets but id imagine they would be extra careful since they are learning still.

Well done on getting some of your study done, hopefully your textbook comes quickly. Whats your first module?

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